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Welcome to Amuma Studio

Roll up Banner Printing in Kenya

Roll up Banner printing in Nairobi Kenya

Roll up Banner Printing in Kenya

At Amuma Studio we offer Roll-up banners printing, also known as retractable banners, Roller banner or pull-up banners printing in Nairobi Kenya, they are popular and effective way to display information at events, trade shows, conferences, or in retail spaces. If you’re looking to get roll-up banner printing done, here’s a general guide on the process:

Roll up banner Design.

We Start by creating a high-resolution graphic design for your banner. We use a graphic design software tool like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign software to create artworks for Roll up banner or pull banners, once the artwork is done, we always share with customer or client to give approval, then we set and print the roll up artwork using large format machine.

Roll up Banner design can include all the necessary information, like logos, images, photos and contact details.

We Keep the layout and text concise and legible, as roll up banners are often viewed from a distance.

Roll up Banner Size, Dimensions or Measurements.

The size of a roll up banner is also called a pull up banner. The most common pull up banner size in Kenya is 80cm by 200 centimeters, 800 × 2000 mm or 31.5 × 79 inches. but sometimes roll up banner or pull up banners sizes can vary depending of it is Broad Base Banner or Narrow Base Banner stand.

Roll up banner Material and Quality.

Roll up banner material can vary; customer or client can choose the material for the pull up banner.

In Nairobi Kenya, roll up banner or pull up banners are on printed on premium Satin Material or Pvc material with high resolution full color and which can be installed on the option of either Narrow Base Roll up stand or Broad Base Roll up Stand, and it takes us 1 day or 2 days to print roll up banner in Nairobi.

The other common roll up banner materials include vinyl, pvc banner, satin, or polyester. Each material has its own advantages, so consider factors like durability, weight, and intended use.

Opt for high-quality printing to ensure sharp images and vibrant colors.

Roll up Banner Printing.

At Amuma Studio, we Offer high quality roll up banner or pull up banners printing services, we have good quality standard Large Format Machine that prints full color and high resolution work, and we offer roll up banner printing services in Nairobi Kenya at affordable price rates.

Roll Up Banners Prices in Nairobi Kenya.

The prices of printing Roll up banner or pull up banners do vary depending with the size and type, if it is broad base rollup banner or narrow base roll up banner, but the price range of printing roll up banner in Nairobi Kenya goes for Ksh. 6,000 to Ksh. 8,500.

Print Roll Up Banner Online in Nairobi Kenya.

we have both Broad Base Roll up Banners and Narrow base Roll up Banners in stock at affordable prices Nairobi. We have good and quality Large format printing services of Rollup / Pull up Banners / Roller Banner / Retractable banners Stand in Kenya.

Broad Base Roll Up Banners prices and Size.

Broad Base Roll Up Banners printing and prices and Size in Nairobi Kenya

Broad base rollup banner is heavy duty and comes with strong stand.

Rollup banners can be used in Business Trade show, company corporate event, outdoor exhibition, promotional events, in schools, Churches, in Hospital, Birthday parties, in funeral event etc.

Broad Base Roll Up Banner or pull up banner prices starts from Ksh 8,000 per piece. We also give best discounts on rollup banner printing. Broad Base Roll up Banner Has a heavy duty and strong base, the size of Broad Base is 85 cm Wide and 200 centimeters Tall.

Narrow Base Roll Up Banner Price and size.

Narrow Base Roll up or pull up banners printing services in Nairobi Kenya

Narrow Base Roll Up Banner or pull up banner prices starts from Ksh 6,000 per piece. We also give best discounts on rollup banner printing. The size of Narrow base Roll up banner or pull up banner is 80 cm wide by 200 centimeters tall.

Roll up banner are Compact & lightweight that comes with free travel carrying bag for hassle-free transportation, also they are Quick and easy to assembly, water resistant & easy wipe clean for super simple care of, which means that have low maintenance.

Online Roll Up Banner Design, Printing, Pickup and Delivery.

Customer can order roll up banners online, by ordering on our online shop or website, and share artwork with us, or if they don’t have roll up banner design we also offer design service. Once the work is done, we offer free delivery of rollup banner within Nairobi Central CBD and we also deliver countrywide, or customer can still visit our printing shop and pick their pull up banner.

For further inquiries and more information regarding Roll up banners design and printing, you can get in touch with us: Call or WhatsApp us +254 0706 900 296 or send us email:

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