Roll up banner printing Service in Nairobi Kenya




Roll up banner printing Service in Nairobi Kenya

Roll up banner or pull up banners large format printing services

At Amuma Studio we offer professional Graphic design service to generate artworks and Rollup Banners Printing services in Nairobi Kenya, we have both Broad Base Roll up Banners and Narrow base Roll up Banners in stock at affordable prices Nairobi. We have good and quality Large format printing services of Rollup / Pull up Banners / Roller Banner / Retractable banners Stand in Kenya.

Roll up banner are on printed on premium Satin Material or Pvc material with high resolution full color and which can be installed on the option of either Narrow Base Roll up stand or Broad Base Roll up Stand, and it takes us 1 day or 2 days to print roll up banner in Nairobi.

Roll up or Pull up Banners stand are very easy to set up, to store them and very to carry, they come with free carrying bag.

Roll up banners, pull up banner or Retractable banners they come pre or ready assemble and easy to use for your next or coming Trade show and in any promotional events.

Rollup banners can be used in Business Trade show, company corporate event, outdoor exhibition, promotional events, in schools, Churches, in Hospital, Birthday parties, in funeral event etc.

The average Prices of printing roll up banner in Nairobi Kenya, the range cost to make banner is from Kenya shillings Ksh. 6,500 for Narrow base roll up banner and Broad base roll up banner selling or going for Ksh. 8,500

You can grab yourself a discount on roll up banner printing for Ksh. 6,000 with is low price that is affordable, one stand or per piece when your order more than 2 pieces available in stock on our online shop or offline, Call or WhatsApp us +254 706 900 296


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